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And off he goes back to the store. well I'm not about to stand out in the heat for 25 minutes so I walk back into the store to wait. Well you know how I spend my time, watching this kid sack groceries.

With the time clock punched and out the door we go. Up the parking lot we walk, him unloosening his tie. Do all bag boys have a set uniform? white shirt, dark tie, 501's and Reeboks?

"My name's Todd," I say, sticking out my hand.

"Mine's Mike, I sure do appreciate the lift."

"No problem guy, after all I did promise you a ride."

Into the 'Vette and slowly through the parking lot. I glance over, noticing his innocent blue eyes checking out the interior once again and I notice them stopping, briefly, but stopping to check out my black Nike running shorts and the bulge in them. Shit, I think, this kid is cruising me! Naw it couldn't be.

"You don't mind if we go by my apartment so I can put away these frozen foods before I take you home do you?"

"Nope not at all", he replies. "This heat is a son of a bitch isn't it? Hey do you mind if I take off this shirt? It's about to kill me."

Take off the shirt? Hell you can take off those pants too.

"Go right ahead, it won't bother me at all."

Bother me, hell it's really going to bother me. It'll get me all hot and bothered. Off the shirt comes, revealing a very nice set of pecs. Look at those abs! Tanned skin. Chocolate brown nipples. My mouth is watering just looking at all that! And not a hair to be seen. Aww a smooth chest. I love smooth chest! I had better get my eyes back on the road before I have an accident.

"That feels better," he says smiling at me.

What an innocent smile. So boyish. I figure him to be 18 years old. I search for signs of facial hair but there's none at all to be found. Just a light brown fuzz on this kid's upper lip. Late bloomer maybe? Nope not from judging the bulge in his crotch. He looks like a decent sized guy.

"Yeap, I would turn on the ac but it's broken and besides I'd rather have the wind blowing through. well here we are," I say, turning into the drive of my apartment complex.

"This won't take but a few," I say, popping the hatch.

"Here let me help you," he offers, pulling up a bag of groceries.

God look at his shoulders and biceps swell! He must have gotten the canned goods bag. We climb the stairs up to my second floor apartment. I keep glancing back down, looking at all those young muscles. What a sight.

"Mike, back this way to the kitchen."

One more trip and we have everything up.

"Here, this bud's for you," I say, opening up the 'fridge and tossing him a beer. And one for myself too.

"Make yourself at home while I take a piss," I say as I head for the bathroom...